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Getting Help

Locklift also has an engaged community of users eager to assist when challenges arise. We encourage you to read this entire guide to understand how to ask for help effectively.

We suggest you start by looking for solutions in the GitHub Discussions section of the Locklift repository. It's recommended to search there first, as the answer might already be there.

If your search in the GitHub Discussions does not yield any results, feel free to create a new Discussion.

If your efforts on GitHub don't bring you the desired result, or if you prefer live chat, you're welcome to join our Telegram chat. Kindly review its rules and request help in the appropriate channel.

Asking an Effective Question

To expedite the response time on GitHub Issues and Telegram, it's essential to construct an effective query. Make sure your question includes:

  • A detailed explanation of what you're attempting to do.
  • The outcomes you're obtaining and how they deviate from your expectations.
  • The version of Locklift you're using, including any plugins and their respective versions.
  • Precise and succinct instructions on how to reproduce your issue. Ideally, provide a minimal reproducible example. Providing a link to a public repository that makes it easy to replicate the problem is also advisable.

Reporting a Bug

If you suspect you've discovered a bug in Locklift, please don't hesitate to report it.

Before filing a bug report, please take the following steps to confirm that a new report is indeed necessary:

  • Ensure that you're using the most recent version of Locklift and its plugins. The problem you're encountering may have already been resolved.
  • Try to ascertain whether the issue originates from a plugin by running your project with some plugins deactivated. We accept bug reports only for the plugins we publish, which start with either @broxus/. If you encounter a problem with a plugin published by someone else, you should try contacting the publisher directly.
  • Use the search feature on GitHub to find other reports of the same problem. If one exists, please add your comments to the existing issue rather than creating a new one.
  • When reporting a bug or ideally even when commenting on an existing issue, include all the information outlined in the Asking an Effective Question section. The more information you provide, the higher the likelihood of your issue being resolved quickly.